joestarguro: "#Cassie CASSIE CASSIE" ????? excuse??? you??????????

Excuse u your art has been my phone bg for like ever every morning I look to your art and just be AMAZED

Excuse you you are an amazing artist with an amazing style and awesome skills don’t EVEN MAKE


do you ever look at someone’s art and go “i need to step up my fucking game i’m embarrassing”


Lai N. Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)   BOTH: The Portrait exhibition, 2014

Digital Arts: Paintings


nice pitchingu


Now you too can hang White Boys Covered In Various Bodily Fluids around your house! Four of my practice artpoops now available as postcards. You probably shouldn’t mail them? Whateeeever.

On Storenvy

joestarchan: I dont know how to stop ur crying eithet, im so sorry, im so sorry the patriachy decided to ruin your 18th year im s o sorry ana

I’m missing my first semester of college.
I missed visiting my own mother.
I missed my friend’s birthday AND moving away for college.
I’m missing out truly living life the way I wanted— but hey

At least I’m getting married. That’s what matters most to my parents, right?

joestarchan: I went on ur twitter and i saw what u were talking about this is outrageous im burning

You know you’re serious when you use lower case letters

joestarchan replied to your post: My eyes sting….. Ugh I didn’t sleep at all but…
WH AT ??????

~~ yeah more info on twitteer

My eyes sting….. Ugh I didn’t sleep at all but also I’m not coming back to America. I don’t know when I’ll be back but at most is a month.


Famous speech bubbles from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Title: "My friend ... your body is my future!"

Artist: Koyasu Takehito

Played: 483 times


so sweet



Hong Kong 2009

Pierre Wayser


by むとを